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Wroxton is a small school that feeds from the North of Banbury. The school has an eclectic mix of pupils, coming from a wide range of social, economic and religious backgrounds. Parents choose Wroxton based on our Christian Values and how they are embedded in everything we do. Children at Wroxton have a strong sense of right and wrong and are able to articulate this to staff, visitors and other pupils.  Wroxton is a school where making mistakes is seen as a learning opportunity and one where children see adults learning alongside them and not afraid of getting it wrong.

The school has a good relationship with the local church and where possible makes links with the village. The school has extensive grounds for such a small school and also has access to Wroxton Abbey. Most people that come to Wroxton comment on the friendly, fun, warm and caring environment that the children are in and feel that the children are well cared for and their opinions valued.